Anna Prata


Goiana Anna Prata has always been creative and passionate about fashion. Since she was little, she made her own looks, wooden earrings and beaded necklaces. With this artistic vein, Anna studied architecture. In the meantime, he began to resell several brands of accessories to maintain himself. Reliving old dreams, he saw the possibility of making his own pieces, and so he did. Thus, the Anna Prata accessories brand was born. With the essence of grandeur, elegance and proximity. Anna Prata accessories are details that highlight the beauty of women.

The brand was born in 2016 and since then, it has been consolidating and differentiating itself in what it does. Digital platforms are the main means of communication and sales, especially Instagram.

The originality of the pieces is what sets the brand apart in the market. The semi jewelry is handmade, handmade.

Anna Prata creates pieces that mark moments and tell stories. It goes far beyond selling semi jewelry; It's a dream factory!

our production

Personal and unique require a slower pace, like everything genuine and unique.

Work is almost like a refuge. The process of personal discovery goes beyond the need to monetize, we manufacture the parts and have great care and affection at each stage.

With a reduced scale of production and a handcrafted process, Anna Prata performs the stages of creation and design of the pilot piece. As in Architecture, everything starts with drawings, which give direction to the creations without determining them in the end, this explains the pieces acquire a more organic, less standardized design.

The pieces are made of noble metal, the silver solder used in the piece increases the quality of the product. Gold or silver bath and nickel free.